Because we understand the positive power of Presence in our lives and that ‘living from Being’ helps us shift into freedom
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Australian Pain Society 2016 Annual Scientific Conference

"Mindfulness, yoga and beyond: how to integrate mindfulness into a multidimentional pain management approach"


Nicole is a qualified MBSR and MBCT facilitator through Mindfulness Training Institute Australasia and has been delivering mindfulness interventions since 2014. Nicole brings a unique combination of insight and humour to her teaching. She is dedicated to both the science and experience of the body-mind connection, particularly the interface between pain and suffering and the arising potential for insight and growth.

As a physiotherapist, Nicole has specialised in the fields of neurology and pain management for the last 12 years. Currently, Nicole provides consultation at The Royal Melbourne Hospital alongside leading medical specialists. This includes running mindfulness sessions for people experiencing persistent pain and the comorbidities of pain such as depression, anxiety, stress and sleep disturbance.

Nicole has been nurturing a personal mindfulness practice since 2004 and has undergone intensive training in retreat centres throughout Australia, England, India, and Sri Lanka. She is passionate about supporting others to overcome physical and mental suffering, to cultivate self-compassion and to create more space and peace in their lives.

  • Founder, MindfulBeing

  • Mindfulness facilitator | MTIA

  • titled Pain management physiotherapist, The Royal Melbourne Hospital

  • BA.PHTY; MPH (pain)

  • Lecturer, University of Melbourne, doctor of physiotherapy

  • Vic branch committee member, APA pain NETWORK

  • Advisory board member & educator, Yoga for Pain Care Australia

  • Professional membership: APA | APS | IASP Pain, Mind and Movement SIG

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Kim has explored contemplative practice from a young age learning Aikido as a child and then Tai Chi and Yoga while at University. His father is a meditator and runs MBSR/MiSP courses in Devon, UK. Kim was first introduced to MBCT in 2013 while training to be a clinical psychologist and found it extremely beneficial for his own clinical practice and in managing pain stemming from an old sporting injury.

Kim qualified to teach MBCT in 2015. He has facilitated MBCT groups for individuals with recurrent depression, stress and chronic health conditions as well as health professionals. Since moving to Australia in 2016 he has sought further training with the Mindfulness Training Institute of Australia (MTIA) and is now qualified to teach MBSR.

Kim currently works in both a research and clinical capacity at the University of Melbourne, with a special interest in posttraumatic mental health. His group facilitation encourages a warm, curious and compassionate stance to moment-to-moment experiences of the body and mind.

Kim continues to be nourished by yoga and meditation and is committed to deepening his personal practice by attending residential retreats.

  • Mindfulness facilitator | MTIA

  • Kim is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and registered with AHPRA with a Clinical Psychology endorsement

  • BSc in Psychology

  • Doctor in Clinical Psychology