Have you thought of offering mindfulness as part of your workplace wellness initiative? Hosting a mindfulness training program is a great stepping stone to an organisation embedding a mindful, emotionally intelligent and empathic culture and value system. Often groups are able to self-lead mindfulness sessions after completing an in-house course to continue experiencing the benefits .  


Complete eight week mbsr program

You may consider hosting a full 8-week program within your workplace. This more in-depth approach is where research shows consistent, reliable, and reproducible demonstrations of change.


Five Weeks With Mindfulness Meditation

This is a popular taster for those interested in learning or equally, in deepening a mindfulness meditation practice. Typically the course runs for one hour either before work or during the lunch period and is grounded in practice. Participants will learn several insight meditation techniques, punctuated with short discourses and discussion opportunities.

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Introduction to mindfulness meditation

Often run as a 1.5 hour session, this package is a lot of fun and introduces the concept of mindfulness meditation through both intellectual and experiential methods. Through discussion we unpack the ‘why’ to meditate and several practices are explored to facilitate the understanding of the ‘how’. An introduction to the scientific evidence of how mindfulness ‘trains the mind to change the brain’ and vice versa, is also explored.

Individually tailored program

Please speak to us if you have something specific in mind and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.